Living with Knee Pain

Living with Knee Pain

Published: November 2, 2018

Living with Knee Pain

Living with knee pain is a common affliction for many residents of San Antonio. Runners, bicyclists, and other athletes are especially susceptible to knee pain, but even less active men and women experience chronic leg pain as a result of the aging process all of us face. As common as this condition is, it’s important to understand some things you should and should not do.


One of the first responses to knee pain is to rest. While this is certainly necessary, it is possible to overcompensate resting which can lead to a weakening of the muscles around the knee. This could create conditions that might worsen the problem. It’s best to find a good program of activity that can maintain strength and help you ease back into your routine.


There are several cardiovascular exercises, stretching routines, and other activities that can help those living with knee pain. Walking, water aerobics, stationary cycling, and using an elliptical machine are all great options that will increase muscle strength and have low impact.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also an important factor in addressing knee pain. Excess body weight places stress on the legs and knees so it’s important to take steps to minimize that impact.

Ice and Elevate

If you’re experiencing swelling in your knees, especially as a result of a specific injury, you should apply ice and elevate your knee.


When necessary, don’t hesitate to use a walking aid, such as cane or knee brace. While this may be awkward or uncomfortable for some, it’s important to do all you can to minimize the risk of further injury.

How a Pain Specialist Can Help

Most important, when seeking knee pain relief, is consulting with your healthcare professional who can thoroughly understand the root cause of your condition and provide the correct knee pain treatment plan to meet your needs. The challenge here is finding a pain management specialist who will take the time to fully assess what’s wrong and customize your treatment. Every patient deserves to be treated uniquely according to their specific condition.

Dr. Raul Martinez and his team of Texas pain specialists in San Antonio understand the needs of their patients living with knee pain. They know that no two patient’s conditions and their experience of chronic pain are the same.

With close to two decades of experience and education specifically designed to address the needs of chronic pain sufferers, Dr. Martinez and his staff are able to leverage their considerable skill and insight to help you. They are committed to helping each patient overcome being controlled by their pain and regain the life they long for.

Your first step to relief is to schedule a visit at one of our convenient San Antonio offices. When you meet with us, we’ll discuss your history, prior treatments, and current condition so we can gain a thorough understanding of what your facing. Then we work with you to develop a customized treatment plan so you can get on the road to living your life on your terms.

We know that pain is often an inevitable reality of life. We age, we experience the natural effects of our activities, and we experience the results of our genetic background. But just because pain is going to happen, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer forever.

Start your road to recovery by clicking below to schedule your first visit with us.

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Published: November 2, 2018

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