Pain is Inevitable.

Suffering is Optional®

Depending on medical condition,
we can offer same day availability.

We Understand Your Pain

The Pain Management specialists at Texas Pain Experts provide interventional relief for a variety of pain conditions with the primary goal not to simply minimize pain and discomfort, but to provide a better quality of life.

  • Neck & Spine Pain
  • Nerve Pain
  • Muscular Pain
  • Upper Extremity Pain
  • Lower Extremity Pain

  • Joint Pain

A Combined 45 Years of Experience

Our experienced team of physicians understands the desire to live a full and active life regardless of physical limitations. They have a combined experience of nearly five decades using cutting-edge technology, wisdom, and compassion to perform thousands of procedures and help patients take back control of their life.

Advanced Treatments

We offer personalized pain management solutions utilizing the latest techniques and advanced technologies, together with a caring approach towards patients.

Lending Expertise

Dr. Martinez has been a contributor to local ABC affiliate, KSAT 12, lending his expertise to provide valuable information on the latest in pain management treatments.

He has supplied his knowledge about comprehensive clinical care, combined with the latest technology to manage acute and chronic pain resulting from injury, surgery, nerve pain, cancer, and more.

Many people experience the limitations of acute and chronic pain, but no one has to be controlled by it.