Leg & Foot Pain Conditions

The pain and discomfort found in leg and foot pain can result from standing for long periods, injuries, or health conditions like arthritis. This type of pain can hinder mobility and severely impact an individual’s lifestyle. Understanding the causes and potential ways to manage it is crucial.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

This is a type of chronic, long-lasting, pain. In most cases, it develops in an arm or a leg that you have previously injured. With CRPS, you may have unexplained pain that won't go away. It may be severe, and it may spread.


The legs and feet are most often affected and patients experience anything from mild discomfort to severe pain.


Many long-distance runners are affected by this condition in which the tissue connecting the pelvic bone to the shin becomes so tight it rubs against the thigh bone.


This may refer to a wide variety of neurological conditions causing pain in various area of the body.

Conditions Treated

We provide conservative relief for a variety of pain conditions with the primary goal not to simply minimize pain and discomfort, but to provide a better quality of life.

Treatments Offered

Our team uses a variety of surgical and non-surgical options in an effort to provide patients with the very best treatment for their unique pain conditions.

Our Team

We are committed to providing patients the very best care to help our patients regain control of their lives through the latest in pain management techniques.