4 Ways to Reduce Foot Pain at Home

4 Ways to Reduce Foot Pain at Home

Published: February 21, 2022

For those of you who are living with the daily frustration of chronic foot pain, you’ve come to the right place. While chronic pain is indeed frustrating, there are things you can do to manage it. Pain doesn’t have to control your life.

Ways To Reduce Chronic Foot Pain

1. Become Consistent In Stretching Your Feet

I know this sounds simple, but getting into the habit of stretching more than once a day is something you will benefit greatly from. Here are three stretches that, when done consistently, will change your life. 

  • Invest in a resistance band and incorporate it into your daily stretches. It will add more intensity to your stretching and in turn provide more relief. Place the resistance band under the arch of your foot while you’re sitting, bend your foot back, and then use the resistance band to pull your foot back even further. Do this on each foot, five times each, and hold the position for five to ten seconds each time.
  • Place the resistance band under the arch of your foot and pull back as far as you can, without causing pain, and then push down on the band with your foot. This will strengthen the muscles of your foot.
  • Lay down on your back and point your toes as far as they can go. Immediately after, flex your foot back towards your body until you feel tension. Now, this shouldn’t hurt. It should feel tight, but there shouldn’t be any severe pain. 

2. Apply pressure by massaging your foot

There are many different products that are worth investing in, but the most affordable and frequent choice is a massage ball. You can get them practically anywhere, and you can adjust the amount of pressure using your body weight. Place the ball under your foot and apply whatever amount of pressure feels appropriate. You should feel the pressure, but no harsh pain. You might feel slight tenderness, but that is to be expected. Roll the ball around under the heel, arch, and the ball of your foot. Doing this a few times throughout the day will alleviate pain. 

3. Pay attention to the quality of your shoes

Shoe quality is a health factor that is frequently overlooked. If your shoes aren’t supporting your feet, that will affect not only your feet but your knees and spine as well. Supportive shoes are a necessity for healthy feet. Sometimes pain can come from something as simple as wearing the wrong type of shoes! When buying shoes, check for whether or not the shoes have enough arch support, and if they don’t have the support you desire, you can always purchase arch support insoles. Occasionally, there is a simple fix!

4. Use ice as a pain remedy

People often assume that heat is the way to go for pain relief, but heat causes the muscles in your body to constrict, which only makes inflammation worse, therefore increasing pain in the long term. Ice, on the other hand, releases the tension in the muscles. It might not feel as pleasant as heat, but the relief that comes with ice compression is worth every cold second! The relief will be much greater and last longer than with heat. 

Medicine doesn’t always have to be the main source of pain management and relief. Suffering from any kind of pain is always unwanted, but it doesn’t always require a trip to your physician or a prescription. It’s never a desirable situation, but if you’re willing to invest in the necessary tools to help, and to spend time each day focusing on pain relief, the pain can and will get better from the comfort of your home. Just stick to it, and make it a daily routine. You have the power to manage your pain at home!

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