Suffering From Accident or Work-Related Injuries?

Suffering From Accident or Work-Related Injuries?

Published: July 26, 2019

If you live in San Antonio and sustained an injury at work, you might be dealing with an overwhelming amount of fallout between workers’ compensation paperwork, medical bills, and, worst of all, injury-related pain. Our pain management consultants specializing in chronic pain management have compiled the following information on what you need to know about treatment options if you’re suffering from accident or work-related injuries.

What Are Common Workplace Injuries? 

Many workplace accidents occur due to overexertion, falls, slips, twisting, lifting heavy objects, or coming into contact with equipment. These motions often result in back, ankle, knee, or shoulder injuries.

What Occupations Result in Most Workplace Injuries?

While anyone can sustain a workplace injury, the National Safety Council statistics show that the most dangerous occupations (ranked by the number of days missed from work due to workplace accidents) are:

  1. Service workers, such as firefighters or police officers
  2. Transportation and shipping employees
  3. Manufacturers and production workers
  4. Maintenance and repair workers
  5. Construction workers

How Often Do Workplace Injuries Occur? 

According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds, on average. This data amounts to 4,600,000 workplace injuries every year.

How Do I Choose the Right Accident Doctor?

If you need accident care and are searching for the right injury doctor, you may be wondering if you’re required to see the doctor chosen by your employer, or by the workers’ compensation insurance provider. You should know, however, that you do have a say when it comes to your care. You will likely be given a list of providers via workers’ compensation, but in some circumstances, it may be in your best interests to see a doctor who is not on the list. If the doctor you choose is not providing adequate care or is claiming that your pain was caused by a preexisting condition rather than by your workplace injury, you have the right to switch doctors.

How Do I Choose a Pain Management Specialist Near Me in San Antonio?

Finding the best for your chronic pain management can be a daunting task—especially when you’re still suffering from accident or work-related injuries. When choosing among Texas pain specialists, you should choose someone who specializes in injury treatment and who is board certified in pain management. You’ll also want a doctor who will tailor your treatment plan to your specific pain points and offer you the latest and best nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. Finally, you’ll want a doctor who offers compassionate and professional care and is highly-reviewed by former satisfied clients, since it’s essential to choose a doctor who has a proven track record of success.

Texas Pain Specialists Are Here to Help

Fortunately, Dr. Raul Martinez meets all the above criteria and more. Dr. Martinez is double board-certified in pain management and pain medicine. At our clinic, we help our patients manage severe, constant, and acute pain, and are committed to providing our patients with only the best in pain management treatments. Dr. Martinez and his fellow pain management consultants have helped thousands of people get their lives back on track after workplace accidents and injuries by using the most cutting-edge pain management techniques.

We know that no one treatment is universal. That’s why our specialists offer patients a wide variety of options for pain management. We utilize systems from several different brands and companies, and we individualize each treatment plan depending on our patient’s needs.

Whether you’re suffering from muscle pain, nerve pain, fractures, or illness, we can help you find a solution to your pain in the aftermath of your workplace injury.

If you’re ready to find out what our experienced pain management consultants can do for you after your accident, contact the offices of Dr. Raul Martinez today. Let us help you get your life back on track.


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