What Does a Pain Management Doctor Do?

What Does a Pain Management Doctor Do?

Published: September 20, 2018

According to a three-month study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), roughly 25.3 million American adults experience daily pain, and San Antonio residents are no exception.

Living with daily pain has adverse effects on a person’s overall quality of life. Many pain patients describe feelings of fatigue, body aches, trouble sleeping, and a lack of focus throughout the day. In fact, pain can be so pervasive that it encroaches on a person’s sense of independence and pride.

One of the most harmful prevailing attitudes about pain among American adults is the belief that people in physical distress should continue living with pain and managing their our own feelings of discomfort. This simply isn’t true. There are doctors who specialize in pain management techniques, and they exist to help minimize patient pain and distress.

Residents of San Antonio are fortunate to have access to one of the best pain clinics in the state, Texas Pain Specialists, which Dr. Raul Martinez and his staff run with integrity and compassion.


What Is a Pain Clinic?

Pain clinics serve people who experience all types of pain, including severe, constant and acute pain. Many of these centers work closely with people coping with chronic pain and offer a host of treatments that target particular kinds of pain, like back and leg pain. Some of these treatments include injections, regenerative cell therapy, and, in extreme cases, surgery.

Reputable clinics will have a pain management team that boasts a host of medical knowledge and doctors that are double board certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology.

Visiting a Pain Management Doctor: What to Expect

You are not alone if you have ever wondered, “What does a pain management doctor do?” The American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine explains that the “increasing number of new and complex drugs, techniques, and technologies” surrounding pain treatment means that “the pain management physician is uniquely trained to use this new knowledge safely and effectively to help his or her patients.”

While general practitioners or certain specialists can recognize pain and attempt to manage it in a general sense, pain management doctors are wholly dedicated to using the most effective methods to alleviate pain—many of which are new.

You should expect management physicians to work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for your care. Often, this process involves coordinating supplementary care, such as physical therapy, behavioral therapy, and rehabilitation programs. An exceptional pain management specialist understands the importance of a multidisciplinary approach when it comes to patient healing.


Finding a Qualified Pain Management Doctor

If you are interested in seeing a Texas pain specialist, reach out to Dr. Raul Martinez and his colleagues at Texas Pain Specialists. Dr. Martinez’s practice is home to the best pain management doctors in San Antonio.

All of the doctors at Texas Pain Specialists are double board certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology, and all of the nurse practitioners possess years of applicable experience. From the business office staff to the clinical staff to the physicians, compassion and expertise are the guiding principles at Texas Pain Specialists.



Take Back Your Life from Pain

At Texas Pain Specialists, what does a pain management doctor do? In short, everything they can to restore your quality of life in the safest and most comprehensive way.

If you live in San Antonio and experience pain on a regular basis, Dr. Raul Martinez and his associates would like you to know that hope is closer than you think it is. There are many successful treatment options for chronic pain, and you owe it to yourself to check them out.

While other doctors may have discounted or minimized your pain, our team is dedicated to discovering its source and working with you to figure out the best treatment. You are not alone. The physicians at Texas Pain Specialists are in your corner.

You deserve to feel comfortable and free in your body again. Our team wants to coordinate with you to help you regain control of your life. Sometimes, in life, pain is inevitable, but suffering does not have to be.


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Published: September 20, 2018

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