Back Pain Exercises to Ease Spinal Tension

 Back Pain Exercises to Ease Spinal Tension

Published: June 14, 2019

 Back Pain Exercises to Ease Spinal Tension

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, and your current regimen of chronic pain management isn’t doing the trick, it may be time to try a new approach. According to Dr. Raul Martinez, exercise is often one of the most effective tools for combatting spine pain, because it strengthens the muscles in the back, stomach, and legs – all of which are crucial for supporting your spine. But it’s important to choose the right types of exercises; you want to target the right muscles, and do so in a way that is low-impact to avoid risk of injury. Our San Antonio Texas pain specialists have compiled a list of simple back pain exercises to ease spinal tension that you can do at home.

1. Partial Crunches

This exercise is great for strengthening back and stomach muscles, and doesn’t require any special equipment. And unlike sit-ups, partial crunches don’t put as much pressure on your spinal discs.

Lie on the floor (or on a mat) with your knees bent and your feet firmly planted. Place your hands either behind your neck or cross your arms over your chest. Then, tighten your abdominal muscles and raise your shoulders off the floor, breathing out as you do so, and make sure your feet and lower back remain in contact with the floor. Hold for a full second, then slowly lower your back to the floor. Repeat 5-15 times.

2. Cat Stretch

Start by getting on your hands and knees. Your hands should be flat on the floor, fingertips pointed forward. Keep your wrists directly below your shoulders and your knees under your hips. While exhaling, draw your stomach upward and round your back toward the ceiling (like a cat stretching its back). Then, slowly let your abdomen sink toward the floor, and return to the starting position. Repeat 5-15 times.

3. Press-up Back Extensions 

Press-up extensions are some of the most effective back pain exercises to ease spinal tension, because they simultaneously allow you to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, back, and chest. Lie on your stomach on the floor or on a mat. Position your hands directly below your shoulders. Pushing down on your hands and keeping your elbows bent, lift your shoulders from the floor so that your upper back is raised and your forearms are flat on the floor. Make sure to keep your stomach muscles relaxed, and keep your back, neck and head aligned. Raise yourself as much as you comfortably can, and hold for ten seconds before lowering back to the floor. Repeat 3-5 times. Over time, as you build strength in your upper back, you can gradually begin to extend your elbows.

4. Hamstring Stretches

Lie flat on your back, either on the floor or on a mat, and bend one knee while keeping your other leg straight. Loop a towel under the ball of your outstretched foot and hold one end in each hand. Then, holding onto the towel, pull the leg upward until you feel a slight stretch in the hamstring. Hold for a couple seconds, lower to the floor, and repeat. Repeat 5-10 times and then switch legs.

When Exercise Isn’t Enough

If exercise alone isn’t reducing your back pain, it may be time to discuss other treatment options with a qualified professional. At our San Antonio clinic, Dr. Raul Martinez and his team of highly trained pain and spine specialists believe that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

If you’re a San Antonio resident wondering, “How do I find the best pain management specialist near me?” or “How do I choose the best back pain clinic near me?”, then you should know our specialists are double board-certified in both pain management and pain medicine. With 18+ years of experience and thousands of successful procedures performed, Dr. Martinez is an expert in helping back pain sufferers find a better quality of life. To learn about other possible treatment options, visit our website or give us a call at 210-441-4333.

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Published: June 14, 2019

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