Common Causes of Muscle Pain and How to Treat It

Common Causes of Muscle Pain and How to Treat It

Published: July 5, 2019

Common Causes of Muscle Pain and How to Treat It

Muscle pain, or myalgia, is one of the most common ailments, and the hardworking residents of San Antonio are no exception to this trend. It’s helpful to look at pain more generally to understand the basics of muscle pain. When, for example, you slip and fall, signals travel from your nerves to the brain and back again. Almost immediately, you brace yourself and clutch at a sore spot. While the experience is unpleasant, your brain is trying to protect you from extended or worsening hurt.

Many people with persistent pain take for granted the messages their brain sends them, but it’s crucial they understand that constant discomfort is abnormal and chronic pain management and muscle pain treatment can help restore their quality of life. As we move and age, pain is inevitable, but suffering does not have to be. A team of Texas pain specialists is ready to offer you support today.

The Basics of Muscle Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you probably want to know the common causes of muscle pain and how to treat it. Muscle pain is a broad category within the complex network of bodily signals, and it’s not always easy to determine what started it. The Cleveland Clinic explains that muscle pain is not a disease in itself but an “indication of injury, muscle disorder, or a symptom of a wide range of possible disorders.” General category causes of muscle pain include:

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Drug side effects
  • Infection
  • Injury
  • Neurological and muscle disorders
  • Obstructed blood flow
  • Overuse
  • Stress

Each of the above terms has multiple specific conditions associated with it that might require muscle pain treatment. For example, an injury may be the result of blunt force trauma; muscle strains, pulls, or tears; poor posture; improper warm-up and cool down; and poor form when exercising, among others. An overuse injury, common among athletes and manual laborers, typically relates to prolonged repetitive motion that doesn’t give the muscles enough time to repair and rest.

Managing Muscle Muscle Pain

If you are experiencing muscle discomfort, there at a few at-home remedies you can try to ease your pain. Home treatment can include:

  • Resting the affected area where you are feeling aches and pains
  • Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, like ibuprofen
  • Applying ice to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Gentle stretching
  • Stress-relieving activities

If, however, your pain is lasting or particularly sharp, you should see a doctor. A clinician can help if:

  • Home remedies are not working
  • You are unsure about what caused the pain
  • There is redness or swelling around the muscle
  • The pain coincides with a rash or tick bite
  • You recently changed medications
  • You have a fever

Those who suffer from chronic pain should look into muscle pain treatment options near them. Dr. Raul Martinez and his team provide quality care to San Antonians and offer a variety of treatments for chronic pain management. These practices include steroid injections, nerve blocks, regenerative cell therapy, physical therapy, and, in the most extreme cases, surgery.

An End to Suffering Is in Sight

Now that you understand some of the common causes of muscle pain and how to treat it, we hope that you have a better sense of what you can do to help yourself when you start to experience aching. However, we also hope that you remember that muscular strain and discomfort, including back muscle pain, should not have a prolonged negative effect on your quality of life. If it has, you should speak with Dr. Raul Martinez, a Texas pain specialist, today.

Our team is ready to sit down with you to discuss your pain and figure out the best treatment options. We offer advanced, customizable procedures that are geared toward helping you, as an individual, gain a sense of comfort.

If you live in San Antonio and are searching for a “pain clinic near me,” visit Dr. Raul Martinez and our expert team of practitioners at one of our three locations or contact us online for more information. You deserve more than a life of aches and pains. Support is within reach.

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Published: July 5, 2019

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