Alternative Therapies for Arthritis Pain

Alternative Therapies for Arthritis Pain

Published: June 10, 2021

Arthritis is essentially an inflammation of the joints that tends to worsen as you age. Although common among people over the age of 65, it can also affect children, teens, and younger adults. 

There are various treatment options to manage the symptoms of arthritis, one of them being complementary and alternative therapies. These alternative and natural remedies have been proven to ease joint pain, boost mobility, and improve your daily living. 

And while natural therapies do not require a prescription, it is advisable to consult your doctor to advise you accordingly and ensure you enjoy their benefits to the maximum.

Six alternative therapies for arthritis pain


Massage has been shown to be a viable solution for treating joint pain associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It works by increasing blood circulation as well as reducing muscle tension and blood pressure. It can also help to release endorphins that boost mood and ease sensation to pain. 

You can receive a therapeutic massage from licensed health professionals such as physical therapists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors. Indeed, it can go a long way in ramping down your response to pain to help you deal with arthritis.    


This is an ancient practice that involves a professional inserting small needles in specific points to facilitate the natural flow of body energy. It can help ease joint pain, increase a sense of calmness, and improve digestion. Acupuncture is particularly effective in treating knee arthritis, although it is equally effective for other types of arthritis.

The side effects of acupuncture are typically mild and may include light-headedness and pain at the needling point. This procedure should be performed by a licensed acupuncturist for safety. 

Practice tai chi 

Tai chi is a physical treatment strategy that helps alleviate joint pain and stiffness as well as improving balance to ease movement and reduce the risk of falling. It ideally involves; 

  • Using slow movements to transition between specific poses
  • Engaging mental focus
  • Breathing that is coordinated with movement 


Tai chi is safe for everyone and can even be performed while seated. It is mostly recommended for people dealing with knee arthritis and movement difficulty.


Exercise is essential for people with arthritis for various reasons; it increases strength and flexibility, alleviates fatigue, and reduces joint pain. It has also been proven to strengthen muscle and joints, maintain bone strength, improve sleep, and control weight. The lack of exercise can weaken the supporting muscles, which creates more stress on the joints. 

You don’t have to engage in vigour exercises to ease arthritis pain; even moderate exercise like walking a few steps every day can help with arthritis. However, it is important to understand your limits to avoid hurting yourself. 

Relaxation therapies 

Relaxation techniques can help manage chronic pain associated with arthritis. These relaxation therapies include biofeedback, deep breathing techniques, meditation, self-hypnosis, and guided imagery. A relaxation technique like meditation can be combined with tai chi ad yoga for optimum effects. 

These methods are generally considered safe; however, you should talk to your doctor if you have anxiety or depression, which are considered to reduce the effect of relaxation therapies.     

Turmeric supplement

Thanks to a natural component called curcumin, turmeric supplement is an effective solution for arthritis inflammation and pain. You can find supplements containing the required levels of curcumin in pharmacies, groceries, and healthy food stores. While turmeric supplements are considered safe, they are not recommended for pregnant women. 

As the shift toward complementary and alternative therapies grows, more research is being done to assess their benefits and effects on different groups

of people. It is recommendable to discuss alternative therapies with your healthcare provider first for better and guaranteed results. 

If you are struggling with joint pain due to arthritis, Texas Pain Experts is here to help you. Contact us to benefit from our effective non-surgical treatments. 

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